Update (December 2010)

Well, it's now December 2010 which means it's been a LONG time since I updated this site. I apologize for the tardiness of my update, but getting married and buying a larger house has killed my garage time. The new place has a 30x64 garage attached to the house, and I now have it functional enough that I can work in.

Not much physical work has been going on with the Camaro. I've been doing a lot of CAD drawings and research. The project has changed slightly: I was originally going to divorce the transfer case and mount it to the C5 rear, but the driveshaft path was horrible, so I've come up with a way of using the Viper T56 with the C5 tail housing and a modified output shaft with an adapter plate to get the transfer case mounted to the back of the trans.

Oh, and did I mention All Wheel Steering? Yeah, after much deliberation I'm looking for the rear rack from a Quadrasteer truck to adapt. Anyone got one?

Please feel free to browse the site and keep coming back as things will keep getting more organized. Want to see what I've been up to? click here. . .



The idea behind this project is to create the worlds first, and only, all wheel drive first generation F-body. Many years of thought have culminated in this project. I've been dreaming of making this car AWD since the day I got it when I was 15. To me, AWD is the wave of the future. To hell with the RWD vs. FWD argument! Why settle, when you can have both? more ...

Components (Parts)

Here I explain what parts I used for this project, and why I chose them. Sure, it's easy to take the transfer case and front diff from a Syclone/Typhoon, add them to your solid axle Camaro and have AWD, but what's the fun in that? more ...


Ok, enough with the frivolities; here is where I get down to business. Here you will find all the build pictures one would expect for a project of this magnitude. As you would imagine this type of build requires a custom frame. more ...